Cameron Blinn

Athens, Ga. I grew up in a southern life style. I remember at an early age that my grandfather would take me fishing and taught me how to shoot. It was not until when I got into college till I learned about my passion for waterfowl. It not just limiting out that gets me excited. It`s getting out in Gods creation is what I like as well. Every hunt has a story and every hunt makes more memories. 

-More then just a hunt-

Caleb James Phillips

Orlando Fl. Grew up hunting and fishing, and have always been passionate about anything outdoors. Nothing better than an early morning up in a stand or out on the water!

-More then just a hunt-

I live in a small lake town in mid Missouri. When I was little my dad got me started hunting when I was about 6 and I haven't stopped . It wasn't until about 4 years ago I started duck hunting and I knew after my first time I was hooked. I've made many good memories hunting and that's why I hunt. Every kill has a story.

-More then just a hunt-

Tyler Patrick

I am from a small town in North Georgia. I've been hunting Waterfowl for 10 years now. My life evolves around Waterfowl hunting and the conservation of the wetlands. When it's not hunting season I'm always on the water photographing and studying the behavior of waterfowl. I almost like taking shots with my camera more than with my gun. There's no other feeling like ducks landing in your spread at sunrise on a cold morning. The future of waterfowl hunting is our hands. 

Haden Redish

From Georgia and now live in South Florida near lake Okeechobee. I've hunted since I could walk and climb in a stand. I've taken on different hunting opportunities over the years and I keep myself busy year round working on blinds, planting food plots and getting ready for the season to come.

Ross Strickland

I started hunting at the age of 7 on our family swamp. I soon became addicted to the sight of cupped wings. If I'm not hunting I'm training my dogs and thinking about how can I fool the ducks easier for next season.

Bryce Lawson

 Clewiston, Florida. Located on the southern end of Lake Okeechobee. I hunt because it is more than a sport for me, it's a passion. From the time I could barely shoot a gun with my grandfather to now, I have found that the outdoors is where I can perform to my full ability.

Billy Carroll

I was introduced to the waterfowl game at the early age of 5 years old, I knew at that time I was hooked, AND I would chase many dreams along the way. I am very fortunate to experience and enjoy times from the marsh to the timber with my family and friends new and old. In my eye, there is no better sound than a water hole full of mallards singing their song

Adam Brown

Lexington, SC. Recent graduate from Clemson University in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology with a concentration in Waterfowl Ecology and Management. Now living and working near Lake Marion, SC. Nothing is better than enjoying God's creation with family and good friends.

James Rabon

I live in Sumter, South Carolina. I'm 19 about to be 20. I am going to be a sophomore in college about to be studying marketing.  I grew up hunting and fishing at a very young age and haven slowed down.

Jarrod Smith

I'm from northeastern Alabama.  I've been hunting ever since I could hold up a gun. I was 13 when I started duck hunting and now I live and breathe it. Hunting is a passion of mine that will never fade away.

Blake Buchanan

I grew up in the woods of north Georgia. I've always had a passion for hunting and fishing. Started duck hunting about 5 years ago and now that's all I want to do! Nothing beats the sound of wings flying overhead in the swamps

Austyn Schlosser

Im from Prosser Washington  a small town on the East side of Washington state. Genesis 1:20. I have been hunting Waterfowl since i was 12. Waterfowl hunting is my Passion and for my love of this passion I will keep  pursuing it.

Hunter Kennedy

Round Rock, Texas. Grew up hunting in deep south Texas at the age of 7. We were 6 miles from the border of Mexico.  Since then I have hunted all over the great state of Texas.  But my favorite thing about hunting is waking up before the sun comes up, sneaking into the blind and watching the world wake up around you is the most relaxing thing ever.

Matthew Fowler

Georgetown SC. I've been waterfowl hunting ever since I was old enough to fit into waders. Waterfowl hunting is a way of life for me, so much that I work at a waterfowl plantation in SC. I am a field guide for Pintail Creek Outfitters in AR. I am blessed to be apart of Backwoods Waterfowl.

John Hickman

I'm from Jackson TN. I grew up hunting public land until the last couple years. I hunt a lot of private land in Arkansas now and guide for ol cypress outfitters which I'm helping a buddy of mine start. I also guide for a man named field noris he owns a few farms in Arkansas. I still hunt public land in TN when the water is right and we aren't booked up in Arkansas. I'm 22 year old 2 days ago I love to hunt! I hunt a lot of places with a lot of people

Tucker Ward

I am 25 years old. I am a pitcher in the Arizona Diamondbacks Organization. Waterfowl hunting is my passion. I remember my first morning in a duck blind and I was hooked. I have been waterfowl hunting for about 8 years now. Growing up, My father was a white tail deer and dove hunter, but he also loved going bass fishing on the river. We have even done a black bear hunt in Canada together. I remember when we would go fishing on those early mornings on the river, I used to see wood ducks flying all over the place. It reminded me of dove hunting. I always told myself, when I had a truck and could go alone, I would pursue these ducks on the river, because the river, bayou, and swamp is my favorite place to be. Sure enough, I filled that promise to myself and turned 16 got my truck and a small Jon boat and took my journeys to the river. My first wood duck that fell made a feeling in me that was way better than anything other thing I had ever done hunting. Watching the birds fly like jets, and cutting so elegantly was beautiful to me. And then watching them crash down into a decoy spread made my heart beat fast. I have never lost that feeling every time I see Ducks flying in. My passion has never changed, but my knowledge of these birds and the importance of conserving them has grew. I love every part part from the early wake up calls to watching the dog work to bring them back. 

Instagram: @tuckward


Shawn Riche

Shawn Riche 23 years old from Baton Rouge Louisiana. I started hunting at the age of 17 my friend brought me for the first time and I absolutely feel in love. There is nothing like waking up in the morning hanging out with your friends watching a beautiful sunrise waiting on the sky to fill up with ducks.